Pac-Man World Rally New Version - RIP

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Pac-Man World Rally - RIP, is sport Low Spec, style from this recreation is Racing, obtain Pac-Man World Rally - RIP from pcgamelow with Single hyperlink ( Google pressure ).

Pac-Man World Rally comprises gameplay that is standard to kart racing video games. It additionally includes a 4-player multiplayer mode where you can entry characters from each the Pac-Man world and many other Bandai Namco video games. Pac-boxes are out there on the track and permit the participant the gift of one merchandise. Pac-dots are additionally obtainable on the racetrack. Each Pac-dot in accordance with enable the avid gamers meter go up. Once it is full, the participant can press the distinct button and turn into Pac-Man, and all the other avid gamers turn into blue prone( ghosts. If the Pac-Man eats any of the blue ghosts, the blue ghosts will cease for a these days and get a major drawback on the track. This event only lasts 8 seconds. A fruit activation button is on the racetrack. When the participant runs over the button, fruit is scattered round the racetrack. When you run over the fruit, it permits the shortcut that corresponds with the fruit to turn into open for you.

System Requirements
OS ==== Windows 2000/XP
CPU===== Pentium III 1.0GHz Processor
Hard Drive ==== 500 Mega Byets
RAM ==== 128 Mega Byets
Video Card ==== 64 MB OpenGL 1.1 compatible
Sound Card ===== 16-bit DirectX compatible
DirectX 8.0
Keyboards and Mouses

Link Download Pac-Man World Rally - RIP
Size : 106MB

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